Collection: Abstract Seascapes Paintings 'Irish Sea Glimpses' Collection - Acrylics on Canvas

Abstract Seascapes Acrylics on Canvas - 'Irish Sea Glimpses'

This collection of abstract seascapes paintings is a series of reflections on the changeable nature of the Irish Sea.

There is a constant play of light that illuminates a seascape in continual flux. Never the same moment. Ever-new. 

Each 15x15cm acrylic painting on canvas is part of an original series of 15, some of which have sold and some are still available.

Reduced pricing is available if you wish to purchase multiples in the collection. Email for details.

Abstract Seascape Paintings Collection 'Irish Sea Glimpses'

Abstract Ocean Paintings Collection 'Irish Sea Glimpses'


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    Irish Sea Glimpses #8 - Orla Gilkeson Art
    Orla Gilkeson Art
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