Mixed Media Paintings - My Approach to Mixed Media Art

Mixed Media Paintings - My Approach to Mixed Media Art

What is Mixed Media Art?

An artwork that is created using a variety of different materials e.g. watercolours, acrylic or oil, is considered mixed media. 

Some mixed media art contains materials that would not commonly be thought of as making up an artwork, such as bits of paper, rocks, string, or fabric. 

Mixed media is a lovely approach to breaking down boundaries between different art forms. You could draw on a photo or paint over a sculpture as well as use charcoal on a water colour or acrylic abstract painting.

My approach to mixed media is painted photographs (also called overpainted photographs).

Painted Photographs

I very much admire the work of Gerhard Richter whose work contains overpainted photographs which blur boundaries and show the passage of time.

Painted photographs are a fantastic way to show how a scene might change over time and how the world around us is in a constant state of transition.

I often use photographs that I have taken, and then make marks with paint over the top of them to produce a unique artwork in itself.

I use local landmarks, landscapes and seascapes that are personal to me, as well as photos I have taken over the years on my travels.

Painting over them allows me to explore the themes of memory, experience and the impermanence of our lives and the things around us.

The world around us is made up of so many different mediums and I find it very rewarding to reflect this in my mixed media artworks. 

My Mixed Media Artworks

Into the Mystic Mournes

'Whiterocks Beach' Mixed Media Painting

Mixed Media Art Abstract Seascape 'Whiterocks Beach'


 Mixed Media Seascape Art A3

Mixed Media Art Techniques

If you want to try making your own mixed media artworks of your own, here are a few approaches to start you off on your journey.

  • Acrylic Paint + Coloured Pencils
  • Pastels + Acrylic Paint
  • Watercolour Paint + Charcoal
  • Painting Over Photographs
  • Adding Fabric or Pieces of Paper With Text
  • Charcoal + Acrylics
  • Acrylics + Glitter
  • Pastels + Oil Paint
  • Oils + Acrylics (or Watercolour)

Mixed Media Art Process Video