Abstract Seascape Paintings

I've included here my abstract seascape paintings and examples of my seascape art. 

I have always been drawn to the sea and I enjoy wild water swimming in and around my coastal home in Bangor County Down.

I love to capture the sea in abstract paintings because I love the constant play of light and water. The sea and sky are in a constant state of change and I feel this fluidity is best rendered in an abstract and dynamic way through painting and mark-making.

Abstract Seascape Painting 'The Blues of Daybreak'

Seascape Art 'The Windows in Your Heart Open Outwards'

Abstract Seascape Painting 'The Windows in Your Heart Open Outwards'

 Abstract Artwork 'Bangor Bay Sunset'


 Abstract Painting 'Greater Depths'



 Seascape Artwork 'Sea Foam'

Abstract Seascape Painting 'Irish Sea By Night'

 'Pink Sky' Abstract Seascape

 Abstract Acrylic On Wood 'Summer Rains'


Abstract Seascape Painting From ‘The Buoyancy of Hope’ Collection

If an artwork has already sold or needs adapted to your decor and style get in touch for an art commission to suit your needs.