Abstract Ocean Painting

My Abstract Ocean Painting Process

The sea and sky are constantly changing and I try to capture something of that in my abstract ocean painting.

I like to make marks that are dynamic, visceral and undulating like the waves and clouds I am inspired by. 

The art process for my abstract ocean painting in particular is instinctive, felt in the body and an attempt to capture the ongoing changing nature of the sea and sky in their various forms as they play with light.

What is An Abstract Ocean Painting?

I feel that a painting doesn't necessarily need to be photorealistic to capture the essence of something, an abstract ocean painting (or any good abstract painting) can be a well-told tale of continually shifting points of view that may be truer to our experience of the world around us than a straightforward snapshot. 

If you would like to discuss an art commission drop me an email at orlagilkesonart@gmail.com. If you want to talk on the phone leave your number and I will get back to you.

Abstract Ocean Painting 'Wave'

Abstract Ocean Painting 'Wave' (Abstract Seascape)