Is Orla Gilkeson available for art commissions?


Yes Orla is available for art commissions and you contact her at orlgilkesonart@gmail.com or by phone on 07779000228. Artist commissions can be negotiated at a reasonable rate, and Orla is very happy to collaborate and accommodate. 



Can you provide a giclee prints definition and what are the differences between giclee prints and laser prints?


Our photographs and original artworks are available in giclee prints as well as laser prints. In short, giclee prints are higher quality than laser prints, which is why they are more expensive. Sometimes spelt giclée as it came from the French word which means to spray, it was first called this by Jack Duganne and used for fine art prints produced on inkjet printers. These printers literally work by utilising small spraying devices which are able to apply the ink in a very precise way. Voila, a high quality print! Laser prints are good quality but just not as precise as the more 'fine art,’ giclee prints. 


Do you ship worldwide?


We can ship original art and prints worldwide and can offer a tracking number upon request. Otherwise they will be shipped first class recorded delivery.


How soon will I receive my purchase?


All orders will be processed within 1-2 working days and you should receive your item within 5days at the latest. For items outside the UK, It is up to you to be familiar with the customs rules of your country. For art commissions it will obviously take longer but Orla will keep in close contact with you.


How will my item be packaged?


Original paintings on canvas will be sent in a reinforced box, and prints or paintings on paper will be sent in postal tubes.


What about returns?


If you are unhappy with your print or painting you may return it within 14 days. The painting or print must be undamaged and returned in the original state in which it was sent out to secure a full refund. Contact Orla at orlagilkesonart@gmail.com for further instructions on this.